Making Your Mark

I came across something very interesting on the Internet that once again raised the question of do we and how do we make our mark in the world.

I was reading articles on rock music when I came across a very small forum that talked about a local band from the 80s, from a small town I grew up in. Two, now days teenagers were discussing how there’s no quality bands any more and how one of them stumbled across this old demo tape at the local radio station. They were bragging how good the band was and how their music should still be played on the radio.

Facts: the local band they were talking about was a bunch of guys I grew up with – some my best friends; one was actually my high school sweetheart. I was there at all their gigs and practices. I knew everything about that band from its conception.

What actually amazed me and made me think about it more is that, in some people’s eyes these guys never made it as a band, lot of people thought it’s a waste of time and just another teenager’s rebellious act. Maybe it was but they were passionate about what they were doing and gave their best.

Perhaps it was just a split second in time that the band existed; perhaps they were never destined to become big and famous. But 20 years later kids are still talking about them!

If you have a passion and a dream grab it and run with it! Don’t question it! Your passion, energy and belief will translate somehow, someday and you’ll inspire someone, somewhere… and you made your mark!

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  1. smilecalm
    Jan 05, 2013 @ 06:02:45

    Yes, nice blog. Our thought, words and actions live on. Our karma can be a beautiful offering to others.


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