You never know when you’re going to make a connection with a place, with a person, with a myth. Something speaks to you in a moment, perhaps it wakes up a memory that’s been living with you for thousands of years. Or creates a brand new memory to stay with you for eternity.


Nothing else

I think about you until it hurts
There’s nothing else left to do
I cried all the tears
And bled all the fears
There’s nothing else left to do

Time = Opportunity

Time equals opportunity. There’s no bad timing, you either take up the opportunity at the time it presents itself or you don’t Bad timing is just another excuse for the lack of courage to take a risk.

Heart Vs. Brain

Never let your brain override your intuition. Heart knows, brain should only act on what heart knows, not look for problems to solve where there aren’t any.

I died

I died thousand times for all the times I wanted to love you but you wouldn’t let me.

I died thousand times for all the times we didn’t hold hands

I died thousand times for all the times I saw you holding hands with someone else

I died thousand times for all the memories we didn’t make and all the pictures we didn’t take

I dies thousand times for all the meals we didn’t eat together and all the stars that didn’t shine upon us forever


I surrender

To beauty

To pain

To love

To dark

To light

To all there is

To all that will be

Within me

An outside of me

I surrender


Jealousy, pain, sorrow, longing…eating me alive. I can’t get rid of it no matter how hard I try. I want to pretend that she doesn’t exist, that their children don’t exist…but they do…they are real. I can’t accept. Is it everything I ever wanted? I don’t know. But he’s the only man I ever wanted it with. Why do we live these lies? He knew, all these years he knew, yet he did nothing. Just like now, he does nothing. And there’s my answer. Nothing.

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